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Reptilian Yex!

About Me
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I have a strong love and dedication to animals. I started reading and learning as much as I could about the reptiles I own. Then got more interested in other reptiles. I have not looked into snakes as of yet but lizards and aquatic turtles are strong points.
 It all started when my little sister HAD to have a little frog. Well I do feel bad but we thought the frogs were to expensive for something that a 8 year old would probably not take care of anyways. So we talked her into getting a lizard. You know the one that is $7.00 at the pet store. We asked the salesman what Green Anoles need for their enclosure. He was pretty educated when it came to these Green Anoles. We picked out everything and went to the counter. By this time the $7.00 lizard became a $150.00 deal
I started researching and reading everything I could about these critters. I already had my two turtles Stewie and Olivia. I started to read more and more about all kinds of reptiles. Next came Diego... Then Angus the Chinese Water Dragons. After them we got the Leopard Geckos Lofa (Mea'alofa), and Mosi(Mosiula).
After I got my full house of reptiles I decided to learn more about all kinds of reptiles. I am always learning and reading about these animals. They are truely magnificent
I Do Have To Say "I Am Addicted To Reptiles!"