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Reptilian Yex!

Reptile FAQ
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Do Reptiles Make Good Pets?
It depends on the species of reptile. Most are not good for small children. They don't like to be handled. Some reptiles will tolerate it better then others but none like it. It also depends on the age of the reptile. You will probably have a better chance of having a "friendlier" reptile if they are younger and get used to people at an early age. If they are treated right and their enclosure meets all requirements I beleive they can be very good pets.
Can Turtles Come Out of Their Shells?
No, the shell of a turtle is part of their bone structure and without it they would die. Only on Cartoons do turtles come out of their shells.
My Reptile Wont Let Me Near Him, Does He Hate Me?
Most likely he is just not used to you, take it slow. Remember that you are bigger then him and people can be frightening from that point of view. Make sure you have a peaceful quiet atmosphere before getting into the enclosure. Turn off, washers, dryers, TVs, stereos and other noisey equipment. Come from in front of him as most reptiles can sense a predator from above and will flee or act aggressive. Slowly set your hand in front of him and talk sweet and slowly to him. slowly move your hand toward him. Be patient it wont happen over night. Just work step by step. First get him used to your hand in the enclosure but nowhere near him. Then close to him. Then try to pick him up. Hold him while he is still in his enclosure and slowly work on bringing him out.
Are Reptiles Potty Trainable?
You can not train your animal to defecate in one area although when it comes to some animals such as Iguanas, Leopard Geckos, and Water Moniters some will defecate in the same general area. In which case you can just lay papertowels down there and it makes it much easier to clean. A lot of reptiles defecate in their water most of the time. Another reason why it should be changed daily.
My Reptile Has Escaped! How Do I Find It?
Stay calm and slowly look in all cracks and nooks. If you are sure it is not anywhere you will be able to find him then you need to offer water. Reptiles can smell water and they need it. Put out a couple plates with fresh water to draw them in. Lay a much larger plate under the small water one and fill the large one with flour. They will have to walk through the flour to get to the water. TADA! Foot steps! You can also take their heat lamp and be sure its away from anything that can catch fire but put it somewhere your animal will be able to reach it but not touch it. If your animal can climb then look in all high places. Even places you wouldnt think they can get into. Mine tend to love under the couch and behind the TV.
I Found A Snake/Lizard/Turtle Outside, What Do I Do?
Leave it alone. Do not take animals out of their natural habitat. They can fend for themselves. Taking them in and putting them in a tiny glass tank is going to stress them immensly. They wont understand that its glass and constantly try to get through it. They need very many things to live healthy and wild caught reptiles usually have more diseases. Just leave them be. Go and get a captive bred reptile. They will live much longer, be much happier and wont spread disease. IF they are injured or in need of medical attention and you want to save them. Then take them to an animal rescue. They will know what to do and know the treatments. Don't play "God" with a living creature.
Do Reptiles Really Carry Salmonella?
Yes, many reptiles carry Salmonella, BUT the truth is you are more likely to get it from a toilet seat or a sponge on the kitchen sink then from a reptile. Warm water and soap will clean the germs off after handling or being near a reptile. After feeding, after handling, after changing substrate or water you need to wash your hands up to your elbows. Sing "Happy Birthday" in your head while washing and then your done.
  • Did you know that the "24 hour Flu" Is Salmonella?
  • Did you know you are more likely to get Salmonella from undercooked food then a pet?
  • Did you know that the "stomach bug" you had not too long ago was most likely Salmonella?
  • For the young and the elderly Salmonella can be deadly. But most the time you have little to worry about.

My Reptile Is Having Problems Shedding, What Can I Do?

First of all, you wont want to pull at it or try to take it off. Most of the time your pet can get it themselves. If you have shedding around the toes that wont come off, or a spike, or tail then draw up a bath. Just enough to cover the shedding problem but never above the head. Keep the water warm around 80F and shallow. Place your animal in the warm water and let them soak. Some will like it some wont. If it doesnt help and your animal is in a humid environment raise the humidity. If still nothing is working go to a store and buy some "Mineral Oil" (usually found near Rubbing Alcohol and Hydrogen Peroxide) take a qtip and dip it in the mineral oil. Swab at the shedding area not hard but gently. Don't pull at the skin. Just rub it with oil. You can gently massage the skin around the shedding problem and the shed will slowly relax and slide off. If this does not work take your animal to the vet. Shedding problems can cause a loss of toes, legs, feet, and other parts. Not to be taken lightly!